Boatsticks is the shallow water anchor system and conversion boat tool that every boater has been dreaming of.  This versatile yet powerful mooring device can be used as a single anchor, strong enough to hold your boat or watercraft in high winds and swift currents, and conveniently breaks down for easy storage.  With the specially designed “T” grip handle and stainless steel tip, Boatsticks doubles as a push pole, positioning you to just the right spot.

Whether fishing inshore or offshore, fresh or salt water, our unique fiberglass rod system comes in a variety of lengths to suit every need. Easily combine the standard 2’, 4’, 6’ and 8’ interchangeable components with our additional attachments to convert your Boatstick into a gaff, paddle, retrieval device, and much more – all in one simple, reliable, storable system.

Tight Lines!

Each piece can be bought either in male or female to be attached to the next to reach your desired length. The most popular model is the 8′ pole that comes in two 4′ sections. Machined stainless steel couplings, both male and female are used to interchange components.

Once together these are every bit as tough as the fiberglass rods itself. They attach quickly by simply screwing them together. When finished, they store nicely in just about any rod locker or drywell.

Be sure to check back as other attachments and accessories become available.

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