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Boatsticks is the stowable shallow water anchor system that every boater has been dreaming of. Paired with the Boatstrap, this versatile yet powerful mooring device will keep you anchored in strong winds or swift currents. Simply turn it over and use it as a push pole for stealth movement to your next spot. Boatsticks unique ability to breakdown and store in seconds, combined with the gaff or paddle attachment makes this a MUST have for all boaters!

Suggested Uses:


Boatsticks bread and butter. Boatsticks can be assembled in sections to any desired length. With the “T” handle it is a favorite among those needing a stealth approach in shallow water. Wether you’re fishing for reds, trout or other skinny water fish this works perfect for a push pole. The stainless tip is a great feature when using the Boatstick as an anchor. Sandbars, shell beds, soft or hard bottoms, Boatsicks penetrate most time and time again without worry of splintering the fiberglass end. Once you’ve found your favorite spot drive the Boatstick into the ground and attach to your boat with the Boatstrap. At the end of the day Boatsticks disassemble just as quick for easy, convenient storage in rod locker or drywell.



As a gaff. With Boatsticks ability to increase length to over 8′ you can feel secure when you have to have that extra reach to gaff your trophy. Also great for long line fishermen. As a docking stick, pulling into the dock is no problem either. Simply remove gaff for safety and use the “T” handle as a docking stick or push pole. When finished Boatsticks break down quickly and store nicely out of the way.



Fresh or saltwater fishermen love these for many uses. Boatsticks assemble quickly to reach depths of 8′ or better depending on your situation. Weather your fishing for crappie, bass or catfish Boatsticks will hold you in place when used as an anchor. No more messing with ropes and bulky anchors that make a lot of noise and hurt the back. Once in place attach your Boatstick to the Boatstrap. Want to keep your boat from spinning under windier conditions? Use one Boatstick in the front and one in the back. Great for sight fishermen. As a push pole the Boatstick makes it easy to sneak up on bedding bass. Once located use your Boatstick as an anchor to make multiple casts to your target without spooking the fish.



A wonderful product for those that like to canoe. Boatsticks most popular model comes in two, 4′ sections for convenience and storage purposes. There is also a paddle attachment that assembles just as quickly as the Boatstick itself. This can be removed and used as an anchor. Need to pull yourself to shore, or to an overhanging limb, or need that little extra push to get over a sand bar or log. No worries, your Boatstick can help you do it all.



No need for those cheesy anchor pulley systems.  Want to stop and fish? No problem.  With Boatsticks ability to breakdown for ease of storage and assembles in seconds, even those with smaller Kayaks can now have an 8′ mooring system at their fingertips.  Combined with the Boatstrap, there’s no need to worry when using as an anchor.  Boatstraps attach to any Kayak and with the fitted end there’s no need to worry about it coming off when staked.



An 8′ Boatstick is ideal for those that like to paddle board. While standing, the paddle attachment makes the perfect paddle for most. Each Boatstick comes with one Boatstrap. In this case it can be used as a lanyard for safety in case you drop your paddle. No need to paddle back to the dock or boat when stopping. Remove the paddle and use your Boatstick as an anchor to hold you in place while resting or fishing.